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Monday, 5 January 2015

Men; Fashion & Style

Recently, I've received an e-mail from a fan and asked me few interesting questions. I've decided to write an article to help him or her to figure it out clearly. The questions are "In your perspective, What do you think of today's Men fashion and style" and "Basic steps how to be a stylish guy".

What is fashion and style? Basically, there are two separate definitions between fashion and style that everyone should know. Fashion is based on what you see from yesterday and today trend; it’s constantly changing. Fashion also defines as an expression of a person able to show or sending a message towards others. It also a method to create something based on current affairs or evolution. Meanwhile, Style is based on a person personality and identity. A person can create his/her own scent of style from his/her silhouettes and self-confidence. It also can be influenced by culture, maturity, religion and weather. As throughout the years I’ve studied and observed that fashion and style concept are simple and related but easily misunderstood. Without these elements in our lives we maybe end-up looks snobbish and lifeless.

Based on what I've seen and compared, I think that today's men fashion and style were more refined, standout and fashion savvy compare than yesterday. Men fashion is growing fast and quite competitive. Whenever I have a chance to chill out with a cup of tea at Starhill Tea Saloon or having a brunch with friends at Dome Cafe, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, I definitely love to observe shoppers passing by especially stylish guys. I'm impressed to see gents nowadays dare to style what's in fashion trends and proud to flaunt their branded clothes, shoes, bag even accessories. I, personally feel glad that there's a balance in this industry; now, men and women are equal and able to express their own scent of style influenced by latest fashion. It's a good move that men have their own fashion week, special close events and grooming and skincare products; it will help guys to learn more how to groom better and gain strong self-confidence.

But on the negative side not all guys really understand how to dress-up accordingly and suitable on their figure/torso; even me, myself do the don'ts several times without I realized. Yes, you wore Ralph Lauren. Yes, you wore Prada. Yes, you wore Louis Vuitton but If you wore it the wrong way on the wrong time definitely you're out from the perfect list. It's a waste if you destroy the beauty of that brand collection just because of that. My advice is try to learn and understand basic way of clothing, don't feel shy to ask help from a sale assistant and do little bit of homework about fashion and style.

The urge to learn something new especially men in image, styling or fashion still in low percent. I'm sorry to came out giving this statement. It based on my observation and feedbacks. The percentage were positively response for those who are living in the urban area but not in the suburban area. Most the responders said that fashion is expensive, fashion is for girly guys and comfortable not in fashion dictionary. It really shocked me yet feel funny in the same time. If you did not ready to learn new stuffs and explore new directions, you will not know if it good or bad for you.

Why we need to learn and understand basic way of clothing? It's because to avoid confusion how to style proper dress code and get to know what your body shape is. If you able to master the basic, I believe you able to create a new signature look. It's very important to teach yourself to obey the rules of dress code, it may help you in many situation; example: going to a job interview, wedding reception, attending and presenting an important meeting, seal a deal for a big project or attending a lavish black-tie party. Maybe some of you guys didn't see it in a clear view the importance of self-image is related with fashion and style.

Believe or not, guys do love to shop based what I've observed but only 45% drawn to clothing site 55% to entertainment and gadget. Based on my experience, guys want to buy a pair of nice shirt and trousers at the retail shops but feel shy to admit if get overwhelmed by the surrounding. My dear guy friends, if you're looking something to try on.. Please don't feel shy to ask help from a sale assistant. Don't worry they're ready to assist you and giving the best options and opinions.

Don't forget to do little bit of homework about fashion and style. My guy friends, please don't be lazy to read more books especially related with image, proper dress code and etiquette. Here few references that you can refer to : Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion ,Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion , ABC of Men's Fashion and The Etiquette Book: A Complete Guide to Modern Manners . If you don't like to read books, you can search something easy and short to read like blog articles : , , , or or men magazines like AUGUSTMAN , ESQUIRE , GQ or VOGUE HOMMES. I hope it can help you. All the best and stay stylo yea...

Basic steps how to be a stylish guy. Another good question but still related with the above topic. I believe most guys will say that "stylish" term is only for rich lads. No, you're wrong my friend. Actually, to be a stylish guy is easy, its from our inner self too. You don't need to be super rich if you want to be stylish (use above tips), unless you're very passionate with high end brands. There 5 basic and easiest steps how to be a stylish guy.  

  1. Hygiene - Make sure you always take care your cleanliness first. Nobody wants to smell your bad breath and body odor, see your long nasal hair or admire your dirty nails. Try to make an effort for your own good.
  2. Etiquette - Watch out your manners; be a gentleman.
  3. Update - Stay abreast of current trends and brands through fashion magazine or blogs; It might help you to stay on track while updating what in and out in your wardrobe. Try to learn basic and essentials for your wardrobe and invest wisely in timeless items. You will surprise something big and exciting coming your way after the change.
  4. Risks - Don't be afraid to take risk trying something new. Never trap yourself in one particular look. You need to feel comfortable in what to wear. However, you should not be confused with sloppy and unkempt look.
  5. Balance - Don't lose your personality while creating your new style.

[Images Credit : David Gandy & Photographer]