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Thursday, 12 February 2015


DIOR, A brand very dear to most Parisian hearts and fashion lovers. The house famous with its classic-modern touch in each of their designs and its latest men fragrance starred by Robert Pattinson. I feel blessed that I managed to watch Dior Homme show via live stream and I believe most die-hard menswear fashion lovers has watched it too. This season Kris Van Assche has presented Dior collection for Fall/Winter with 40 plus strong looks on Day 4 at Paris Men's Fashion Week. I feel amazed and loved the opening show, one row  of orchestra players serenade on the runway stage.  It was a dramatic and theatrical show. Based on what I've observed, Dior giving us a balance mixture of classic and modern for this season collection. From Dior's dashing tailored tuxedos & suits, long overcoats, denim double breasted, cardigans & sweaters, shearling denim parkas, leather duffel coat to Dior's classic-modern tailcoats with high quality fabrics cashmere, wool, shearling, tweed, denim and leather some in plaid & numbers prints or dap smudge prints. Not forget, Dior unique accessories like decorative pins,  badges, cool sneakers and Dior backpack bags. Simply marvellous! The whole look were amazingly fresh and stylish. The Dior Homme show ended with big applause by the invited guests that evening.

[Images credit : WWD & PMFW Photographers]


Kim Jones of Louis Vuitton this season paid tribute to the late British designer Christopher Nemeth, whose handmade clothes established planted the trend of deconstruction in the early '80s. Jones has presented his LV fall/winter collection on Day 2 of Paris Men's Fashion Week very artistic and dynamic 38 looks. Jones chose few Nemeth's original artwork prints onto his collection this season like rope and windowpane. From Louis Vuitton's utility parkas, fold-up tailored trousers, Crombie coat, knits sweaters, skinny jeans, duffle & peacoats, trucker jackets, tailored suits, bomber & biker jacket, matching suit to Louis Vuitton's shearling coats in beautiful high quality fabrics like nylon, wool, shearling, cotton, denim, leather and cashmere. Not forget Louis Vuitton's gorgeous camera bags, dashing briefcases & keepalls, versatile messenger & shopper bags, leather boots & lace up derbies and unique pins as this season accessories. Based what I've observed, the whole collection was fresh and stylish. A collection that succeed to catches my attention. I loved Jones creations from the gorgeous jackets, coats to Vuitton's beautiful bags.

[Images credit : & PMFW Photographers]


As we know the label formerly known as Christophe Lemaire the designer name and now the label renamed to Lemaire. It was to reflect the collaborative with his partner Sarah-Linh Tran and team for men's collection. This season Lemaire has presented its 30 looks for fall/winter collection on Day 1 of Paris Men's Fashion Week with timeless touch. Based what I've observed, most of Lemaire collection were tailored beautifully and modern with a pinch of '80s macho. Something that I normally wear and pick for my wardrobe. Lemaire fans will love their double-breasted wool coat, tailored cropped trousers ankle length, boxy jackets, crisp shirts, collarless blazers, cape & poncho, comfy cardigan, draped knits, overcoats, raincoats, turtleneck shirt, utility parkas to Lemaire's caban coat with various type of high quality fabrics like wool, denim and cotton. Not forget, to get the polish look this season Lemaire; partner it with classic ankle boots. Overall, it was an outstanding collection. Simply classy and fresh. If you like something classic yet fresh Lemaire is the one.

[Images credit ; & PMFW Photographers]


Salvatore Ferragamo brought all the invited guests into another dimension somewhere dark with shadowy trees and fresh dirt on the floor as its runway backdrop for this season show. The creative director of Ferragamo, Massimiliano Giornetti has presented his autumn-winter collection on Day 3 of Milan Men's Fashion Week with 36 looks inspired by art and nature. Based on what I've observed, the collection was very elegant and exquisite with impeccable workmanship. From Ferragamo's lumberjack coats and jackets, cropped leather jacket, knitted T-shirt, shearling coats, leather overcoats, houndstooth sweatshirt, duffle cardigans, blurred plaid suit, ribbed & mohair knits, long overcoat, beautifully embroidered blazers with tailored straight cut trousers to Ferragamo's dramatic knitted robe with chunky knitted scarves wrapped around the neck in high quality fabrics like wool, cashmere, leather and shearling. You also will see beautiful prints/embroidered flying birds motif and dandelions on Ferragamo's blazers and overcoat. Beautiful Ferragamo's leather shopper bags and lace-up Oxford shoes catches my attention. I loved it. Overall, the collection were amazing and elegant. I loved the blazer with flying birds motif and dramatic knit robe.

[Images credit : & MMFW Photographers]


Ermenegildo Zegna presented a show all about eco and nature this season; beautiful and massive mounds surrounded with mysterious rainforest as Zegna backdrop setting. I loved the ambience. Something that I loved to see uniqueness at a fashion week especially a special show from my favorite designer Stefano Pilati. This season Pilati line-up 30 plus luxury looks inspired by eco-nature and today's modern guy. Pilati used high quality fabrics like wool, velvet, leather and shearling, crisp cotton, tweed, corduroy and cashmere silk in his collection. Well-tailored silhouette and classic touch always a must in each Ermenegildo Zegna designs. From Zegna's beautiful plaid pattern metallic overcoats and tailored suits, skinny ties, leather overcoat & jacket, ombre coat, velvet suits, roomy cargo trousers, crisp white cotton shirt, turtleneck/roll up sweaters, zipped jacket, raincoat to Ermenegildo Zegna's handsome double-breasted suit partner it with amazing mid cut pull-up leather boots, eye-catcher leather backpacks, waist bags & tote bags and wool cap. It was a great collection and splendid show. If I have the chance to own one of two from this collection, I will grab the metallic plaid overcoat and double-breasted suit. I loved it.

[Images credit : & MMFW Photographers]


This amazing label famous with its minimalistic codes and edgy style. Rodolfo Paglialunga, the creative director of Jil Sander presenting his collection on Day 2 of Milan Men's Fashion Week. He presented his debut for menswear of the label and maintain the Jil's signature look. Based on what I've observed, I feel little bit disappointed to see Rodolfo's collection and heard about the debut been critiqued badly by the media and columnist. The silhouette of unbalance proportion makes it look not attractive. But on the positive side I believe that guys who're own a bigger size and love '90s vibe will like this season Jil's collection. Yes, everyone in the industry want to see more from Rodolfo but for me I started to like it. After reviewing Jil Sander runway photos again and again, there are few pieces we can mix and match it into a new look. From Jil Sander's edgy pleated trousers, turtleneck sweaters, shearling coat, leather bomber jacket, double-breasted long overcoat, oversized sweaters to Jil Sander's stylish raincoat with various type of good quality fabric like wool, cashmere, denim and shearling. Overall, Rodolfo presented a presentable collection and show. The functionally each of his design safe him. I'm looking forward to see his next collection for menswear.

[Images credit : & MMFW Photographers]


Prada...Prada...Prada, I've always admired Miuccia's creative mind. The time has come all fashionistos gathered around to celebrate fashion. I feel blessed that I've the opportunity to watch Prada show via live streaming. Like last season Prada has presented its collection combine into one show; Menswear and Womenswear, I called it a genderless show. I've decided to make review and concentrate on Prada's Menswear Fall/Winter collection. Miuccia has presented her Prada collection on Day 3 of Milan Men's Fashion Week with 29 looks for menswear and 20 looks for womenswear this season. Techno beats with strong futuristic light frames hallway as Prada's backdrop setting this season really catches my attention. As a fan of Prada, I loved new great ideas that every time Miuccia presenting her shows. This season Miuccia carry out a collection of today's new generation; it's more precise on the tailoring with modern taste. From Prada's beautiful lightweight black nylon suits, Crombie coats to boxy shirts, short sleeve knits sweater, Prada's skinny ties, well-tailored trousers, 5 button cropped jacket to Prada's 6 button double-breasted suits. Most of the designs were in darker shades of black, navy blue and grey with high quality fabrics like nylon, wool and cotton. Not forget eye candy at the runway; dashingly handsome briefcases, fold-over tote bags, modern square shape sunglasses and Oxford shoes were also the star at the show. Urgh! I loved the Oxford shoes and yummy briefcases. This season Prada collection reminds me of the cool vibe in the '90s. I believe Nylon trend will be back soon. I loved the nylon Crombie coat and Oxford shoes; something that I normally wear and easy to style from day to night. Overall, it was a fascinating show.

[Images credit : & MMFW Photographers]


Bottega Veneta, one of my favorite brand and very famous with their desirable luxury woven bags. Tomas Maier, The creative director has presented his fall-winter collection on Day 3 of Milan Men's Fashion Week inspired by today's modern guy and a tasteful of luxury. Maier giving something fresh, practical yet stylish for this season collection. Based on what I've observed, most Maier's designs look smart casual with a pinch of sophistication. It really show an individualistic taste and way of dressing. Excellent workmanship with a new twist of classic for silhouettes compliment the whole collection. From Bottega Veneta's trench coat, unstructured overcoats, pea coats, roomy denim trouser, knitted cardigans, velvet hoodies jacket with sweat pants, tweed blazer, silk ties, joggers/tracksuits, suede suits, velvet trousers, roll up neck sweater, bomber jacket to Bottega Veneta sharp tailored blazer in various fabrication like suede, velvet, tweed, cashmere, denim, jersey and wool. Not forget, Bottega Veneta's woven leather tote bag, Ostrich skin backpacks, dashingly oxford shoes and boots completed the whole look. If you're someone always on the go and love casualness yet sophisticated this collection is for you.

[Images credit : WWD & MMFW Photographers]


I believe that most fashionisto and die-hard fan of this brand own its beautiful amazing Peekaboo, fluffy buggies monster or latest it hot item karlito as their personal collection. Yes, I'm talking about the famous brand of FENDI under Silvia Venturini Fendi. Fendi definitely one of my top favourite Italian brand. I'm very happy that I managed to watch Fendi show through live streaming. This season Silvia has presented her Fendi collection on Day 4 of Milan Men's Fashion Week with 43 strong looks. I loved the grey marble lookalike backdrop, runway stage setting and catchy techno soundtracks played by Fendi. Silvia playing with various type of fabrics for this season in her collection. You will see more corduroy, shearling & fur, leather, suede and wool from Fendi's suede trenches, fur jacket, knits sweaters, sweater shearling on shoulder line, overcoats, corduroy tailored trousers & blazers, shearling jacket, long scarves with pocket, suede zipper jacket, crombie coat, patched blazer, collegiate blazer, hooded coats, intrasia fur jackets to Fendi's dashing tweed suits. Not forget the eye candies of the show; Fendi Peekaboo bags, Monster backpacks, shopper bags and cute fruit charms. Based on what I've observed, this season Fendi collection more inspired by college attire and smart casual style. I loved the complete collection from the sweaters, overcoats, blazers, dashing bags to cutest Fendi's charms; Something that I normally carry, play and wear everyday.

[Images credit : & MMFW Photographers]


I loved the relax vision of Christopher's autumn and winter. Normally, Burberry invited guests and lovers enjoying its show with trees and sky as background of huge plastic tent in Kensington Garden but today Burberry stage covered behind thick drapes. Last season Bailey handwriting with bees and dragonflies illustration has become his inspiration and Bohemian ruggedness trails as his main inspiration for this season collection. The talented Clare Maguire as the entertainer and she entertained throughout the show with the band. I feel enjoyed and it reminds me about '60s and '70s vibes with modern taste. The songs that she sung really relate to the designs. Bailey presented his collection on Day 4 at London Collections: Men with 48 looks for this season. Slim tailored silhouettes, graphics, mixture of beautiful high quality fabrics and leather, embellishment combine with unique shapes giving it in each of the designs a tasteful look. From Burberry's velvet suit, rounded shoulder overcoat, knitted fringed blanket shawl, double-breasted blazer, collegiate bomber jacket, pea coat, belted mac, slim fitted shape cropped trousers, all over print shirt, fur collar overcoat to Burberry's mirror-embroidered shirts, trousers and coat combine with beautiful prints like paisley, floral, vine, camouflage, tartan check and traditional Indian mirror embroideries. Not forget, Burberry's tote bags in various type of leather and colours, dashing sunglasses and leather derby shoes. Based on what I've observed, it was amazing a show and excellent collection. There are separate pieces that you can mix match in the collection something dressy or you can turn it to casual. The show ended with glorious golden flakes falling down and big applause by all invited guests.

[Images credit : WWD & LCM Photographers]


The Irish born designer Rory Parnell Mooney joins Nicomede Talavera & Liam Hodges in presenting his AW2015 collection for MAN on day 1 of London Collections: Men. The designers presented their own style in combine 50 plus looks collection more modern Street Hip Hop-Goth Punk elements with ecclesiastical-big volume robes and layering. Parnell choose dark gloomy palettes like darkest blue, navy blue and charcoal with minimalist touch in each his designs. Meanwhile, Talavera & Hodges choose a splash of bright orange, monochrome and navy blue onto their collections. From MAN's wide trousers, long tunic shirts, cropped trousers, long overcoats, boxy jackets, oversized turtle neck sweaters, tabards to MAN's collarless jackets in various good quality fabrics like cotton, crepe, linen and wool. I, personally really like the whole concept and style. Its remind me about the Yohji Yamamoto greatest minimalist artwork. Sometimes we need to own something new and style it out from our comfort zone.

[Images credit : & LCM Photographers]


I'm sure every guys who're a loyal fan of Coach definitely feel excited and wondering into your mind what the brand going to presents for this season. Mr Stuart Vevers, Coach's creative director presented his latest 27 collections on Day 2 of London Collections: Men. The collection were more urban-chic and it really speaks today's modern guy. A little bit of layering and a pinch of utilitarian element with dark shades in each his designs to give it a twist. Based what I've observed, Vevers brings Coach sophistication onto another level. From Coach's varsity jackets, shearling coats & faux fur jackets, turtle-neck knit sweater, wool loose blazer, mid length overcoat, well tailored trousers, round neck T-shirts to Coach's biker jacket in various high quality fabrics like shearling, faux fur, wool, cotton and leather. Not forget, Coach's amazing accessories... it really complete the whole collection excellently. I'm fallen in love with Coach's tote and messenger bags, shearling sneakers and accessories; metal feather charm & leather dog tag. Overall, the collection were prefect for daily style from day to night.

[Images credit : & LCM Photographers]


After reviewing season by season and catching up this beautiful brand, I've started to fallen in love with Mehmet Ali's elegant artwork. Ali presented his collection on Day 2 of London Collections: Men with modern with a twist Hardy Amies "rugged" look. That's I called "manly sexiness." The silhouette and workmanship well-tailored impeccably. I love that Ali playing with colours darker shades like blue, burgundy, green and a splash of bright yellow colour. Ali choose matte instead glossy onto the collection really catches my attention and I love it! Based on what I've observed, Mehmet has created a prefect collection for modern guy who're appreciate classic touch. From Hardy Amies's well-tailored suits in various type of fabrics from basic suits to double-breasted tuxedo, jackets with faux fur hoody, knitted turtleneck & fluffy wool sweater, vests, beautiful overcoats, outerwear jackets to Hardy Amies's rugged parkas. Simply a great collection. If I've the opportunity to own from this collection... I definitely grab that blue matte overcoat, jacket with fur hoody and the dashing double-breasted tuxedo.

[Images credit : WWD & LCM Photographers]


Ms Andersen well-known with her sportswear designs in Europe. This season Ms Andersen still stick to her signature roots and have the chance presenting her collection at London Collections: Men. Ms Andersen presented her 28 looks for this season. Based on my observation, this season Ms Andersen giving us more clean and street-stylish with a twist hiker type of sportswear. Andersen also playing with glossy, green and burgundy colours to give a uhm! in her designs. You will see more for huge guy silhouette with manly prints like plaid and sportswear stripes. From Ms Andersen's biker jacket, roomy trousers, shell trousers, panelled joggers, oversized shirts and sweaters, sweatshirts, oversized jacket, boiler suit, mid-length tops, basketball vest, hoody to Ms Andersen's cable knit ski sweater partner it with faux fur hat and wool beret also complete the whole look with trainer boots. Simply marvellous! I loved the whole collection. I believe every young-modern lad will love all Astrid Andersen this season designs.

 [Images credit : & LCM Photographers]