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Thursday, 31 July 2014

12 Bags Must Have This Fall!

1. "Fur Fabulous" by Diane Von Furstenberg
2. "ChaCha Fringe" by Ralph Lauren
3. "Stylish Pack" by Rag&Bone
4. "Fine Art" by Burberry
5. "Funny Girl" by Moschino

6. "Go Metallic!" by Prada
7. "Modern Medusa" by Versace
8. "Skin Lover" by Tod's
9. "Modern Art" by Louis Vuitton
10. "The Box" by Louis Vuitton

11. "OhBeDaz" by Christian Dior
12. "Classic Chic" by Gucci
* Source (Photos above) ; Credit to imaxtree & wireimage.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

2553, Not Just a Number

There's a time I would like to be away from high end brands and luxurious things  and search via internet new brands from young talents. Yes. As we know, well-established brands has their own signature touch and marketing targets. It may come with "a price." But not all can afford to purchase that kind of price tag for a bag; especially the teens. Buying fashion through online is a big trend of today's world. It's more convenient and cheap.  

In my teen days, it's quite hard to find a good essentials with affordable price. I still remember the first time purchased my own duffle bag in leather-embroidered with the "it" branded logo. It was very expensive for my age. I've challenged myself and succeed. It takes months to save up for the bag. I'm glad after 15 years I pass it on to my young brother as his gym bag. It was a joyful feeling to see the bag still in an excellent condition.

Recently, while I surfing my Instagram I accidently found 2553. 2553 is a designer brand from Thailand by young Thai talent. I did try to search further information about this brand. Sadly, there was no website to refer but 2553 do have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account. Based from their information 2553 have booth branch in Kuala Lumpur at PUBLIKA. For those who are interested you can purchase 2553 bags through their Facebook page or contact LINE username 2553my and wechat username malaysia2553.

Most of 2553 bags are handmade and cater the best for their customers. 2553 production were very limited, per design is using high grade artificial leather. Through my observation 2553 suitable for young trendy circle in age of 18 to 30 and above. From their duffle bag, clutch, messager bag, tote, chestbag and briefcase really catch your attention. The sleek shape blend with sporty worth to have it in your closet. Little splash of bright neon or play camouflage can be interesting as your work, gym or travel bag. Don't worry most 2553 collection are unisex, durable and eco-friendly. Plus, it's affordable. I, myself want to purchase their briefcase, duffle and tote bag to add on my bag collection.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Good Bye Christophe, Welcome Nadège

Yes, I heard about the rumours about Christophe Lemaire of  Hermès will leaving the fashion house. Various speculations hovering in the gossip blogs but none is logic. I, myself didn't know what's the concrete reasons or clear view why he will leave. It was a pleasure to see all his artwork while he still working for Hermès . Mr. Lemaire famous with minimalism in opulence. I love the flow silhouette , bold colours on silk, artistic prints and a pinch of exotic textures. That is the true essence of Hermès .
On the 21 of July 2014, Hermès has announced that Mr. Lemaire officially departing and will no longer be its designer for its women’s wear collection. Quote: *In a statement released by Hermès , Mr. Lemaire said: "Working for Hermès has been a great pleasure: a profoundly enriching experience on both a human and professional level. I am proud of what we have built together. My own label is growing in an important way and I now really want and need to dedicate myself to it fully."
On the 24 of July 2014, been reported that Hermès  officially named Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski as their Artistic Director of Women’s Wear. The former "The Row" design director previously worked with Céline and Maison Martin Margiela team before working with the Olsen sisters. Congratulation and all the best. I'm glad that Nadège were now with Hermès after replacing Christophe. With passion and hope, as a fashion lover I would like to see something different from your designs. To Christophe, all the best in your label and up coming designs. Can't wait to see more your collection.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

B for Birkin

Last week, a friend of mine showed me her new Birkin bag size 35 in exotic leather. Yes, the queen of all bags. Yes, the devious neon orange box. Yes, it worth more than my car. It's a pleasure to see my friend in her happiest mood. I had the opportunity to observe up close and touch the texture of the exotic leather. It's more structured and majestically glossy. I still remember the moment I saw this bag in a tabloid magazine back in my middle school days. It always become my top favourite until today. Let's talk about Birkin Bag by Hermes.

Top celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Kimora Lee, Naomi Campbell, Rachel Zoe, Lady Gaga, Miranda Kerr are among who are have been spotted fashionably with Birkin Bag.
The history behind this bag was it named after an actress and singer, Jane Birkin. Jean-Louis Dumas was seated next to Jane on the flight from Paris to London. He was the Chief Executive of Hermes. Ms. Birkin's straw bag contents fell to the deck. She explained to Monsieur Dumas that it had been difficult to find  a weekend bag in leather that she liked. Monsieur Dumas created a bag special for Ms. Birkin based on an 1892 Hermes's design. She quotes "What's the use of having a second one?" She laughs. "You only need one and it busts your arm; they're bloody heavy. I'm going to have an operation for tendonitis in the shoulder" Since then, this devious bag has become an icon around the world.

Hermes a brand from France is famous with their handmade creations and well-expert artisans. Saddle stitching was Hermes's signature. An average a Birkin is created in 48 hours or more depends on the customer demands. Each Birkin bag is hand-sewn, buffed, painted and polished. It takes days to finish it beautifully by Hermes's craftsman.

The Birkin bag prices range approx. from MYR 60K up to MYR 500K depending to colour, hides material and hardware selection. It comes in range of sizes with variety of leathers. A Birkin is in 25, 30, 35, 40 centimeters. You can choose your bag hides in calf leather, ostrich, lizard or the expensive saltwater crocodile skin.

For those who don't know, Birkin bag that has Shooting Star stamp are Paris Made in France and Horse Shoe stamp represent a Birkin with tri-colours combination. In year of 2010, Hermes announced that waiting list are no longer exist. Now, every Birkin admirer or regular customer can purchase their Birkin bag little bit easier. Maybe in future I own it too in exotic skin, fingers crossed. I would like to see Birkin in White Fox Fur in size 25 for next Hermes Winter Collection.

What I love about Hermes that they really taking care their quality and exclusivity. The simplicity with classy touch on each of their designs really catches my attention. The codes on the strap lock are representing year the bag made and your own personal craftsman that create your bag. If it needs repair or maybe reconditioning; bring your bag to your nearest Hermes Boutique. The codes will help you to identify your craftsman. That little details makes Hermes very special from other brands. The heritage on their timeless designs proves that simplicity always win and Hermes will stay strong until to the next generation.

* Photos source from Curated Editions KL. For further information how to purchase, visit Curated Editions KL website

Sunday, 20 July 2014


My thoughts and prayers are with the crews and passengers of #MH17 My deepest condolences to the families and friends that affected in this tragedy; Stay strong. May everyone on board MH17 rest in peace. Let's together pray for the souls and justice for MH17 .

Friday, 18 July 2014

Classy Casual!

How to look classy in casual with 6 essentials? R Journal have picked essentials to enhance your look this weekend. Most guys will pick a round collar t-shirt with a surfer shorts and beach slipper. That's boring. Choose something different and look dashing to enjoy your weekend date. A Jersey Polo Shirt in White Cotton by Gucci (£179.09 / Approx. MYR 1079) partner it with Bermuda Short in bright mustard colour by Acne Studios (£165 / Approx. MYR 900) and a brown woven leather belt by Anderson's (£87 / Approx. MYR 475) A cool footwear Gommino Suede Driving Shoes by Tod's much better than a beach slipper (£229.16 / Approx. MYR 1250) Don't forget to style up a sleek metal aviator mirrored sunglasses in ocean blue colour by Ray Ban (£142 / Approx. MYR 775) and complete your look with leather trimmed nylon backpack by Marc by Marc Jacobs (£165 / Approx. MYR 900) For further information or more options visit Mr. Porter's website at
*All information source (Photo and Prices) are from MR PORTER website.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Summer Shine!

Stay fabulous this summer with splash of cool colours and heat it up little bit shimmer shine here and there for this weekend. I pick this beautiful Annie Printed Washed Maxi Dress in Silk by Diane Von Furstenberg (USD 794.24 / Approx. MYR 2550) partner it with The Marcie Mini bag in textured leather simply a charmer by Chloe (USD 650.21 / Approx. MYR 2080) Jazz up your look with a statement sandal in gold by Ancient Greek Sandals (USD 250.81 / Approx. MYR 650) A Ray Ban sunglasses with Erika round-frame and velvet mirrored to shade your eyes from the hot sun will never go wrong (USD 187.37 / Approx. MYR 600) Little accessories on your wrist with Double Nail plated cuff in Rose Gold by Jennifer Fisher (USD 455.85 / Approx. MYR 1460) and a Palazzo plated cuff in Rose Gold by Aurelie Bidermann (USD 337.81 / Approx. MYR 1080) Complete your look with long necklace with Gold plated Coral Turquoise, Lapis and Malachite by Chan Luu . Beautiful combination of semi-precious stones in one necklace (USD 397.12 / Approx. MYR 1300) For further information and more other options. Do visit Net-A-Porter website at
* All information (Photo & Prices) are from NET-A-PORTER Website.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

An Evening with RJ Couture & JKhan

Last June, once again I've been invited to RJ Couture and JKhan fashion show for Raya Collection preview hosted by Datuk RahmahJan Sulaiman Khan. I've received my invitation card after I'm back from Kuching. It been awhile they didn't come out their latest collection and I'm wondering what will they present on that night. Datuk RahmahJan and her sister Zubaidah collaboration in their designs is a perfect combo; famous with French lace, sparkling semi-precious stones and high quality fabrics in each of their designs. I managed to watch how they work at their beautiful atelier back in 2011 and I feel blessed to get the opportunity. They are the ones taught me well about fashion. It is my biggest hope that Sabah will produce more local designers with international flair in future.

As stated on the invitation card dress code for the gents in black tie attire and ladies in glamorous dress. Honestly, I'm not good on that part. I just follow the flow and wear what I have. I don't even have the mood "dress to impress". The event was on 22 of June and held at The Magellan Ballroom, Sutera Harbour Resort in Kota Kinabalu. I arrived to the event with my two friends Ms.Shafferra and Ms.Sharrona . Both of them dressed up accordingly with their own style. I love the details on Shafferra's dress. She wore a fitted dress in heavenly lace with white sequins. The dress itself is a stunner. Sharrona wore a fitted black dress that compliment her curvy figure. Simplicity always win. Three of us step in to the ballroom earlier to avoid the crowd and search our seats. The ambiance inside the ballroom was okay and well managed arrangement. The backdrop all in black surround with lush red roses and bold centre stage are perfect. I love the table setting; simple yet elegant. The event started around 8 PM after the arrival Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment Datuk Masidi Manjun. The ballroom fully packed with beautiful ladies and dashing gents. It was a fun evening to observe and admire the guests attire. There are few catch my attention with style and few appeared interestingly funny.
RJ Couture and JKhan presented their 60 latest collections including few leather bags. It was a successful show and excellent collection. Most of the designs suitable for in the age of late 20's to late 40's. I love the fabrics that they choose. Simple clean cuts yet pure elegant in each of their dresses. The bag collections are the charmer of the night. It's on trend. The colours, shape and texture simply perfect combination. Yes, most of the guests give their positive respond. After the fashion show, Mr. Sam entertaining the guests while enjoying their gourmet meal by Sutera Harbour Resort's top chefs'. Huge surprise birthday cake by Datuk RahmahJan to her elder sister Zaharah and special appearance of  Malaysia's Jazz Queen; Datuk Sheila Majid. An extra highlight for the night. The event ended with big applause and happy smile with RJ Couture paper bag in their hands. 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Snow Illusion by Dior

Recently, I managed to watch Dior Homme Winter 2014 show through DiorTV. Although, I'm late at least I managed to update myself rather not knowing a thing what's latest in fashion world. It was an excellent collection and I love the polka dot elements on the bags, suits and shoes. It really give a pinch of reminder "get ready" Christmas is nearly approaching. Dior never failed to impress me with their simplicity yet modern style. I wish my body thin like a Dior's Model I will gladly to purchase or wear a complete suits from Dior. The only thing I really hope that Dior will able to create more accessories and bags selection. I'm sure the "hardcore" collector will love it.
As we knew, Dior bag famous with their iconic quilted Lady Dior bag for the ladies. I still remember in my age of 8 or 9, Christian Dior were one of my favourite brands and I admire the femininity in each of Dior's design especially Lady D wore it. Dior and Lady Diana equal beautiful combo. The beautiful midnight blue dress with black lace detailing and Lady D carry her favourite Dior bag at The MET Gala. Since then the bag become an iconic bag for Dior and remembrance about The Late Princess Diana.

In this particular blog, I pick Dior bag as my topic and share thoughts to you. After I watched the Dior Homme show there two bag that catch my attention. The Briefcase or Document Holder and The Clutch or Portfolio in black leather with polka dots. Quite funny I thought that Dior come out with printed polka dots on their bag collection. I do my homework to confirm that part and I found out the leather were embroidered white polka dots. From far, it looks like small dots of snow. Beautiful illusion. That small details really makes it unique.
The Briefcase suitable for those who love simplicity and something different. The bag beautiful in black calfskin leather with white embroidered polka dots. The structure of the bag practical for daily use or business trip. It come with inner zipped pocket and flag pocket for personal your things. It has two flat outer compartments and adjustable leather shoulder strap. Simply a great carrier for young and stylish executive or businessman. The Portfolio in the same material with an inside zipped pocket and inside compartment. It has own three pockets for your personal things and add it with card compartment. Simply an excellent carrier for blogger and fashionisto. I'm thinking to get this beautiful masterpiece from Dior for my Christmas look. For further information about the bags; Do visit Dior website at or your nearest Dior Boutique.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Newbie

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning. There was I start my day with a cup of coffee and admiring the morning view by my office window. The silence whispered "Fashion Blog." I, keep on questioning myself "Should I start write blogs again?" "Will people read my blogs?" "Do I still relevant?"

With the adrenaline and passion for fashion I decided to create a simple space and write blogs. I'm not sure whether my come back will be a Hooray or Horror story. But, I try my best to give my honest comment or thoughts through my writing. I learn a lot these past few years through observation and self-experience. Overall, It was an interesting journey for me. I hope with this new positive vibes bring me to another level of new experience. Well, here I am the newbie in Blogger.

It is my interest interacting with new people, observe designer's latest creation and travel to admire art and culture. I love and passionate when comes to Art, Fashion and History. These three powerful elements drive my desires and shaped me 'till to this day. Yes, I may not dress up or appear like a professional Fashion Blogger usually or should look like. It is quite entertaining to see nowadays men fashion bloom very fast. Thin or Fat; Short or Tall I feel happy to see they can style themselves flawlessly. I still prefer to stay with simple and clean look. It is more easy to maintain and mix-match my wardrobe. I'm not into clothing styling for myself but I love to collect accessories, bags and shoes. These little masterpieces really help to enhance your look in split second.

I hope you will continue support my blog. If you feel my blogs are interesting or informative; do feel free to leave your comments or suggestion and share about my blog to your friends. Thank you.